Unsecured Loan


  • $0 Down Payment Solar Ownership
  • You Claim the Tax Credit
  • Credit (FICO) Score Requirement
  • 100% of Installed Cost Financed for Most Installations
  • 10, 12, 15, 20 Year Terms Available
  • Transferable if Property Sold
  • Fixed Monthly Payments Made Easy with (ACH) Autopay

Customer Jensen Example

Monthly Utility Bill Pre-Solar: $309
Monthly Utility Bill With Solar: $10
20 Year Monthly Payment while investing tax credit: $179
Monthly Savings Year 1: $120
25 Year Savings After Utility Inflation: $158,077

Loan Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a lien put on my house?

No. There is no lien put on your house on an unsecured loan.

Do I get to keep my 30% solar tax credit or do I have to apply it to the loan?

Some of our unsecured solar loan providers allow you to keep your 30% tax credit should you so choose, but some require a 30% down payment within 18 months with that portion financed at 0% interest.  If possible, it is always a good idea to apply your 30% tax credit to your loan.

Will my monthly finance payment or interest rate increase over time?

No. Your monthly payment and interest rate are fixed and will not change over time.

Is the interest tax deductible on unsecured loans?

No. Unsecured loans do not have tax deductible interest like PACE loans.